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China Ningbo Xuanhua Industrial Co., Ltd certification
China Ningbo Xuanhua Industrial Co., Ltd certification
Quality, service and Experience in the Power cord makes the business much easier.

—— Atlas

Xuanhua, as leading manufacturer of power cord in China, is quite reliable. The ability to solve problem is impressive.

—— Lee

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  • Production Line

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    Secretary of the hair line in town party secretary Xu Kanglin see door, accompanied by vice secretary of party committee set up the sea, to warmth China company. In YuGuo major under the guidance of our chairman, they first visited the warmth of China company ChangRong ChangMao, then came to the workshop on the third floor of the assembly job shop. Secretary asked by watching them, MAO yu, chairman of the answer one by one.


    Secretary for warmth hua MAO company unit of "beauty" of the construction and gives the full affirmation of the work of production safety, for warmth, make persistent efforts, earnestly to do well the work of production safety work and "beautiful" construction unit, do first-class grasp, layers of implementation. YuGuo major chairman, said in the lunar New Year holiday approaching, must strengthen the power, the enterprise fire control work on safe production of the first, pay attention to detail, eliminate hidden dangers and make the enterprise have a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.

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  • R&D

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    Jan. 5 in the afternoon, warmth, the management staff meeting, the company nearly more than 40 workshop director managers took part in this short meeting. YuGuo major chairman had analysis the current production situation, he affirms the achievements and puts forward some key problems of the workshop production line at present. Aimed at the shortage of YuGuo major chairman asked to come to the meeting all the managers must carry forward the team cooperation spirit, the whole staffs, mix, effectively solve the practical difficulties and problems, ensure that the enterprise for more than a month of the lunar year, under the condition of the migrant workers have to return the worker shortage can normal production, to create a good start for 2016. YuGuo major chairman at the meeting put forward as follows, to intensify the rectification:

    1. 1, the end of the line winding speed, mainly in the relatively short, with hope to strengthen cooperation on the assembly line, not individually.
    2. 2、Management is to strengthen the ideological education of employees. With a large number of villages of migrant workers, the workshop production line of temporary labor tension, which brings the certain effect enterprise production. To this end, we want to do a good job of ideological mobilization existing staff, so that they want to think, urgent business, working overtime, meet the needs of the user is always the fundamental of the enterprise.
    3. 3、Strengthen the product delivery, careful don’t make any mistakes. Last year, product delivery, the phenomenon of the conventional, mistakes happen from time to tome, this not only damage the image of the enterprise, but also increased the cost of the enterprise. So we must pay attention to detail, delivery time can’t careless, carelessly, because you have a moment of carelessness can make enterprises great economic losses, in the New Year we must alarm bells peal long.

    Finally, YuGuo major chairman stressed that through the market analysis, nearly period of production is busy, because part of the migrant workers return home, to the enterprise to work mostly after the Lantern Festival, the second, there are many merchants on holiday, I’m afraid the product supply, is actively preparing for the supply source. In the first half of next year, however, the market economy is not optimistic, plus a large influx of migrant workers, most companies in the list of the few cases, the employment of migrant workers might not now be choosers. In this case, as if the enterprise will certainly more talented staff. In this respect, as a workshop director, deal with employees to do a good job of explaining this aspect, make their common share for the enterprise.


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